Jumat, 29 Desember 2017

2nd Essay

A Healthy Lifestyle Involves Easting A Nutritious Diet, Exercising Regularly And Getting Enough Sleep At Night

     A Healthy lifestyle of each individual are diferents, those who understand the true lifestyle will certainly pay more attention to their lives, they try to improve condition eventually their they move on to old habits, as they do men not smoke because they begin to understand the importance of healthy living and also women, they avoid the advantages weight, but what they feel is a failure to achieve their goals and they are confused about how to start living healthy. The right people know that a healthy lifestyle involves eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep at night. If people are aware of this healthy way of living this might be the right way to enjoy a long life.

     First, eating healthy does not mean not eating the food you love that according to the health of the food you love is not worth the consumption. Eating healthy begins by learning how to eat smart, not just what you to eat but how you to eat. Accustomed to eating healthy foods can increase our energy, sharpen memory and mood to be stable. By choosing healthy foods, can reduce the risk of disease. The fruit is believed to be worthy of consumption because of the positive benefits contained in the fruit. Back to ourselves there are many healthy food choice and we must learn how to plan ahead for a better life, one of them choosing healthy foods.

     Furthermore, exercise has an important role when we talk about healthy lifestyles. of course sports has greater benefits for our energy, mood, and brainpower. With exercise can improve health. There are many ways to do with exercise, ranging from simple as running or gymnastics morning. After the sports feel also feel good, make feel strong and powerful. So sports are very important in life.

     Finally, sleep is also one most important things in life, if we want to be healthy of of the course we will keep our sleep, with sleep can store and refresh our body and mind, Sleep sufficiently, as humans must have different levels of sleep, there are 8 hours per day or even less each day. A sleep is also felt stress we lost because sleep can relieve stress and with sleep affects the quality of our life is good.

     In conclusion, when we look at some of these examples, a healthy lifestyle includes eating nutritious foods, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep at night. Return to ourselves if we want to live healthy should be done or vice versa.

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