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Benefits Of Health Education Programs 

    Health education program is very important in life. Health education programs build a person's positive attitude about health. Health education program teaches about physical health, mental, mind and feeling. It motivates to improve and maintain health of course prevent disease and reduce risky behavior.

    Health education programs should start from an early age to adult, by getting used to healthy life since child then life will shining, well when the adults certainly get benefits from healthy living habits since childhood. Everyone can create healthy education programs. The benefits of healthy education programs start from dental hygiene, nutrition and infectious disease immunization.

    Furthermore healthy living habits are born from our attitude towards health, as dental hygiene is important in avoiding disease. On the other hands nutrition needs to be maintained and infectious disease immunization we join when there are health institutions every village or can go directly to the health center or hospital.

     The first of the causes of dental hygiene of a health education programs is the habit of cleaning the mouth. We know what can happen if we do not practice good oral hygiene, especially on teeth. Due to the teeth is one important part and need to be taken care of health, if we do not take care of teeth try to think how difficult it is to live life easy for us. Cleaning the mouth is good that at least we brushed teeth properly in two times a day. Not only brushing teeth, the tongue also needs to be cleaned, the tongue contains many bacteria that can cause teeth decay. Some things we can do to clean teeth. In essence removes plaque from the teeth. For that how important care for our oral health which is the gate of one's health as a whole.

     Second, lifestyle is causes of health education programs in nutrition. When we talk about lifestyle it is wide that is very closely related to food. As you can see us as living things need a good intake of nutrients in our survival. Without good nutrition it is very impossible to get the best life. Start from now to always maintain our health by eating nutritious food well.

     Third, our awareness is the cause of health education programs in infectious disease immunization. Immunization is a procedure that is routinely used to improve the body's ability to treat infections and to protect against diseases caused by infectious agents. It works against certain diseases by training the immune system to instantly recognize and eliminate the infectious agent that causes the disease, resulting in immunity. Infectious diseases come at any time, so there needs to be awareness to always check or give immunization, many programs given by the government especially in terms of health, immunization already exists as in the village program, at school, or can go directly to the nearest health center or hospital. So, awareness is important right now.

     While being healthy has some positive consequences. Effect in maintaining health is very much. As we maintain dental hygiene the resulting effect of a good tooth, a healthy teeth, certainly a teeth that is not diseased. While the effect is generated when we eating by always eating a nutritious must have an ideal body and healthy, intake of nutrients that bring thoughts and feelings are always good. Lastly, the effect that is generated when we immunize to keep from infectious disease immunization is that we avoid the disease and healthy body. That's a very beneficial effect in health education programs.

     In conclusion, there are many benefits of health education programs especially in dental hygiene, nutrition, infectious disease immunization, one of which the body becomes healthy free from disease, by getting used to healthy life since childhood and awareness of its important health in a better life.

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