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Morning People And Night People

     Morning people and night pople  today are leading two different lifestyles. Some of them are living an morning people style while others are living a night people style. An morning people  is a person who always gets up early in the morning, sets out for work early and strictly organize his/her time schedules. In contrast, a a night people is a person who always stays up late into the night, enjoys the exciting and colorful night life of the city, or works extremely hard late at night. To illustrate the existing differences and similarities, we will take a look at the perceptions of life value, and the divisions between these two life of morning people and night people.

     Morning people and night people have different perceptions in their life attitudes toward their time-spending value, health concepts and everyday habits. They have different viewpoints of how time should be spent. Morning people who strictly follow the cycle of their biological clocks, believe no extravagance in spending time uncontrolled in night-time entertainment. They obviously observe the rule of the Earth orbit, rising with the sun and resting during the night. For them, time should be treasured, and it can never be wasted in indulgence. However, Night people hold a different perception. They believe that time can never be exhausted especially the night time. They are more active and energetic after the sun is set. 

     Meanwhile, they believe in different health concepts. Morning people favor the principle habits and a healthy life. They consider the form of early to bed, early to rise as a normal and healthy way of living. On the contrary, night people discard the traditional health concept of obeying the biological clock. They are less concerned about health problems that might be brought up by being a night people. Consequently, they will always feel drowsy, and in a long run, it will cause permanent damages to their livers in lack of adequate sleep. As a result of these different perceptions, morning people and night people are different in their habits of life. Morning people abiding by organized life pattern are leading a more regular life than night people. They keep to the clock in their arrangements of daily matters and seldom break their rules of a stable timetable. In contrast, night people style practitioners care less about routines.

     Detail the difference between morning and night people are morning people are more likely to be alert in the morning, and they have a chattily, happy attitude, and are easygoing. According breakfast is important to these morning people. Another difference base on that morning people are more alert and productive, in the morning. They make a good comparison of each person, as you read the first morning people are those who instantly wake up a the first sign of light, it is as if they have an alarm clock in their inner self, second they think differently they gather knowledge from concrete information, they are logical and literal. Finally in social behavior morning people are more likely to be self controlled, upstanding in conduct, and respect authority. On other hand night people body is most active and alert during the evening and night, first reason they don't like sunrise is unpleasant for them, second evening type have imaginative thinking and they are for open ideas. Night people are independent and non-conforming, and the most noticeable difference is they do not likely to listen to authority. 

     The similarity of both, morning people and night people are the purpose of life. They are aware of what they have done in living their lives, we already know many differences between both of them. The purpose of life is the most important in their lives. Achieving a happy and successful life they have found in them what they have to do is their rights and duties.

     In conclusion morning people  and night people are opposite and they cannot be together. There many differences between morning people and night people, we can look at the perceptions of life value, and the divisions between these two life of morning people and night people. They also has the similarity both of them, it is the their life purpose.

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