Jumat, 29 Desember 2017

1st Essay

Learning Cirebon Language Will Suplly The Possitive Language

     Learning Cirebon language will supply the positive language it is true and very interesting any local languages exist in Indonesia, one of which is the local language in Cirebon In Cirebon the local language is very diverse. The meaning diverse is every area in Cirebon has different language characteristics, either from word form, sounds or others. Such as example the people of Sumber and the people of Plered, they are certainly have that differences, when they says word home' in Bahasa, the people of Sumber says 'umah' while the Plered people says umo really it is very different Learning Cirebon language is very easy and very fun Learning language of Cirebon provides benefits, one of them understand what the people of Cirebon says so the Cirebon language is very diverse depending on area in Cirebon, each area has its own distinctive language, learning Cirebon language is very easy and fun certainly provide positive benefits in life

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