Jumat, 29 Desember 2017


     Today is monday. There is no scheduled courses. I enjoy and relax on the house, just doing something like house chores. On saturday I woke up early because there one course its is Methodology for Islamic studies. The lecturer gives the important lessons, such as life advice and it was very nice. The lecturer banned speaking or talking use Bahasa, if someone breaks the rules someone has to pay a fine. I think it is very good it gives the most important lesson that we should use English because of we are English students and it train to improve our English speaking skill. On Wednesday like usual I woke up early there are three courses. The lesson of writing's lecturer did not come because he is very busy. Then about phonology it gives a little introduction about the material of phonology and reading lecturer did not came again. On thursday there is no scheduled courses. Next on friday, there are three courses, such as speaking, listening and morphology. Like I said before that speaking time is become a presenter. The lesson who ai get from this material is how are feel when we become a public speaking presenter and it is very interesting. About the listening, the lecturer did not come and about the morphology we take on drama. Drama in morphology course is very interesting. Our group's number one, there are six people each and my friends who went to show the drama it is gives lessons how if we as a movie player. Which is interesting on friday is when I forget where my motorbike letter, I forget where I put it, so with that incident we have to be careful in doing whatever it is. On saturday and monday there are same of courses it is English, we also mention the class of intensive. 

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