Jumat, 29 Desember 2017


      There are seven days a week. Today is sunday like usual I woke up in the early morning. I do what I have to do I have seen and heard that someone is better if they wake up early. I wake up at four o'clock then immadiately. I went to the restroom then I take a shower after that praying subuh next I prepared to go outx it is exercise and actually is sports. There are many benwfits when we exercise especially in my own feelings from my house to the sports field and it was pretty far away, but it is no problem. The lessons I get while running alone are numerous. I can know that when we are in aline it is just as much as testing our mentality of what we feel. I am happy when in alone because alone teaches comfortable, not only comfort there many lessons I can take from sports, I dont care when someone syas bad things to me, I focus on exercising. Something with exercise oucasionally I captured the photo of God's creation there are some small animals that I really like to be captured. I like photography too. In the morning I got two important lessons for me, how about in the afternoon and so on, of course there many lessons who I got. On monday at the time I did not get up early, I was late probably because of the effects of the lectare schedule during the afternoon. When the time came I went to campus and there is only one course. On tuesday there are three courses it is writing, phonology and reading it is same too. On wednesday only one course it is methodology for Islamic studies. Next on thursday is free speaking, listening and morphology. The speaking lecturer told us become a presenter in lublic area  about morphology lecturer told us to make a drana abd nust vr done for the next neeting. Furthemore on saturday only intensive course it is about English.

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